Bridging theory & practice: easier said than done……..

Bridging theory practice: Easier said than done........

Every Wednesday I help co-facilitate a webinar on sex work and feminism. Ill be honest its been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. How do we make this a unilateral and not top down, so that we are learning from one another? How do we make feminism practical? How do we make feminism practical when we can only speak in English and not their mother tongues? How do I explain feminism without the jaded academic jargon yet at the same time how do I unlearn that just because I have an ivy league degree and speak 3 languages doesn’t make me the teacher, that they actually know feminism and that I am simply their to arm them with the english words to articulate how they feel. How do we move feminism from theory into real quantifiable action? How can feminism empower women who are consistently raped, made to feel inferior because of their profession and even their so called feminist sisters silence their agency, their choice and autonomy by claiming that sex work is rape and simply a profession under the guise of patriarchy? I don’t know but we are going to figure this out together! BRIDGING THEORY AND PRACTICE ❤