Sex Work in South Africa: Shaming Sex Workers Away from Human Rights

Sex Work in South Africa: Shaming Sex Workers Away from Human Rights

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What Feminism Can Learn from Sex Workers

What Feminism Can Learn from Sex Workers (hyperlink article)

Key Points:

“But Molly a sex work and blogger says she’s selling a service, not herself: “There is nothing more misogynist than implying/stating that I’m selling ‘myself’ when I sell sex. I am a lot more than my vagina and what I do in bed, and I expect feminists to understand that.”

“Not everyone agrees with decriminalization, but everyone — especially feminists — should at least pay attention to how laws against sex work affect the workers themselves. Feminism aims to support women’s self-determination over their work and their bodies, and it shouldn’t swoop in to tell sex workers how to feel about either.”

“Feminism has gotten into trouble in the past when it attempts to speak for (or simply ignores) marginalized women rather than listening when they speak for themselves.”

“Laura Murray, director ofA Kiss For Gabriela, a documentary about a sex worker and activist who ran for congress in Brazil, says that everyone needs to be able to see sex workers “as the protagonists in their own lives.” Too often, non-sex workers instead see them as “as victims who don’t have any control of their lives” or as “completely irresponsible and lost.” But neither is accurate, and in order to understand what they need, feminists and everyone else need to listen to what sex workers actually say.”

Bridging theory & practice: easier said than done……..

Bridging theory practice: Easier said than done........

Every Wednesday I help co-facilitate a webinar on sex work and feminism. Ill be honest its been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. How do we make this a unilateral and not top down, so that we are learning from one another? How do we make feminism practical? How do we make feminism practical when we can only speak in English and not their mother tongues? How do I explain feminism without the jaded academic jargon yet at the same time how do I unlearn that just because I have an ivy league degree and speak 3 languages doesn’t make me the teacher, that they actually know feminism and that I am simply their to arm them with the english words to articulate how they feel. How do we move feminism from theory into real quantifiable action? How can feminism empower women who are consistently raped, made to feel inferior because of their profession and even their so called feminist sisters silence their agency, their choice and autonomy by claiming that sex work is rape and simply a profession under the guise of patriarchy? I don’t know but we are going to figure this out together! BRIDGING THEORY AND PRACTICE ❤

“I hear you talking about power of woman but what about me as a sex worker?”

Freedom by Noluthando

As a mother of two children I didn’t get freedom.

Instead of getting freedom I get hate.

I hear you talking about power of woman but what about me as a sex worker?

I raised my children alone with that money.

I don’t understand why people judge us without reason.

I am a feminist.

I do all things that women do.

I am a father and I am a mother because I manage to make a better life and feed my children.

You feminists said we are equal but me on my side I still struggle to raise my voice.

Where is the freedom of a sex worker?

People take advantage of us and kill and rape us.

If I die who is gonna raise my children?

The people rape outside but they take them in (arrest) for 1 or 2 days and then we see them again.

I am not a bad person.

I am selling sex, I am not killing anyone

Where is my freedom?

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