SWEAT/Sisonke Webinar Participation

SWEAT/Sisonke Webinar Participation

Since the beginning of the Webinar series SWEAT/Sisonke have been actively involved in gaining information and adding the feminism framework into our movement to decriminalise sex work.

As we do feel the series is rooted in a more academic space, during the webinar we have two co-facilitators who analyze concepts discussed such as feminism (s), capitalism, elitism, gender, sex, “social constructions”, and the western gaze to name a few in addition to answering questions. Our goal is to learn across the table and we hope via our blog submissions many will begin to understand how sex work and feminism are interdependent.

Pictured here are the participants and below are a few final comments on the webinar series.

Sandra: ” Today it was very nice with SWEAT and Sisonke members. I learned about feminism. I think in our culture power is controlled by men. Everything that is happening in our community only men are in position. I am a Sex Work Feminist. Feminism with regard to equality for example polygamy”

Leigh: “Western funders still decide what they want us to do because they finance it”

Shameeze: ” I learned that we can work and do stuff together to try and fight against gender violence and sex workers rights”

Nawhaal: “I learned we are all equal and need to stand together as one and speak as one. Their is hope for all.”

Dudu: “As a sex worker how can we work on understanding and engaging with other feminist groups.”

Priscilla: “To me now as a person who knew nothing about feminism, I am now a bit clearer. We need equality, we also need to be treated as women. Gender equality is also very important. I also I need the involvement of Christians because they stereotype us the most.”