Grow Up Feminism Grow Up


Feminism is the movement that gives rights to women.

It gives eye sight to the blind.

It opens ears to the deaf.

It causes the lame to rise and walk.

It gives power to the weak ones.

Grow up feminism grow up

Feminism has given women a right to make their own choices.

Women need the rights and feminism.

They go to meetings, they go to protests.

In order to get their recognition.

Grow up feminism grow up.

It`s a movement that brings us joy.

A movement that brings us happiness.

A movement that mobilises us.

A movement that motivates us

Grow up feminism grow up.

Men now are all ears.

Hearing the sounds of different species.

They hear the sounds of the snakes hissing,

The sounds of the lions roaring,

The sounds of the owls hooting, and

The sounds of the birds singing.

Grow up feminism grow up

It brings light to those that are in darkness.

It mends the hearts of those that are broken hearted.

It`s a spirit up liftment to those that are in sorrow.

Grow up feminism grow up.


We are women of different race, different in colour, speaking different languages, practising different customs, coming from different backgrounds.

We thank our feminists and all those who came up with this idea.

Let`s all fight against patriarchy.

Grow up feminism grow up. 

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