Where is Women’s Dignity?


Women suffered a great hardship.

They lived under oppression.

They were prisoners without committing any crime.

They didn`t have freedom and choice.

More especially those who got married through abduction.

Where is women’s dignity.


Our mothers were afraid to go to school.

They had a fear of men on horseback.

Seeing their poor school mates being abducted.

When trying to return home, they are chased back by their parents.

Getting married without plans.

Where is women’s dignity.


They are regarded as weak people.

Although they are doing hard and great work.

Raising a child is not easy as a,b,c.

Having a bundle of wood on her head with a baby on her back.

Where is women’s dignity.


Patriarchy destroyed the future of most women.

Especially those that were living in the olden days.

It led them to illiteracy, to poverty and dependence.

Men believe that the home of the girl is in marriage.

Not knowing that they are killing her future

Where is women’s dignity.


I thank women who stood up.

Staying away from hatching rotten eggs.

Who became fed up of patriarchy?

Now you know how to brighten your future.

Now you know about family planning.

Where is women`s dignity.


I thank the women who came up with feminism.

Let`s make feminism a train for all women.

A train that will take women from different stations.

Women are now feminists.

Where is women`s dignity.


Women of nowadays must make a difference.

No more living in a patriarchal society.

We need to see women in highest position.

A baby is made by a man and a woman.

Responsibility of raising a child is for both of them.

Women are strong and they always will be.

Where is women`s dignity.


There are women out there who are divorcees and widowers.

They manage to raise their children on their own.

Men cannot do that.

They look for another woman to look after their children.

That`s where the contradiction of situation starts.

Where is women`s dignity.


Men dislike abortion, but they are the cause of it.

Which woman is going to carry the denied baby?

Which woman is going to give birth to a fatherless baby?

Which woman is going to the father the baby alone?

Sometimes women are promised about marriage, and then they fall pregnant.

It`s like learning to drive in somebody`s car.

When you are perfect you buy yours.

Where is women`s dignity.

This is an entry for the FEMFLASH 2013 writing competition from Mookychick Online. Enter now.

 Please visit: http://www.mookychick.co.uk/feminism/uk-feminism/femflash-2013.php


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