The Feminist Rose I was Deprived Of… By: Nicole

The Feminist Rose I was Deprived Of…..


Roses are red, work is blue and they are feminists too

What, feminists?

Yes, feminists and not just any feminists

The feminists that stands out in the crowd

The ones patriarchy wants to control

The ones everyone discriminates against

For they only want to be decriminalized

and understood

and to be accepted like all the others.

Because to discriminate only brings hate

So stop trying to understand them

But accept them, they are only feminists.

After all not just feminists, sex work feminists.


Who are these people?

They are the ones you see on the street

the ones you sit next to on the taxi

the ones you debate against in parliament

the ones whose voices want to be heard

who want to be accepted by the government


Yes, get this in your head

Feminism is coming out, so watch out

They are coming like the force of the Jordan River

They are higher than Mount Everest

And they mean you no harm

all they want is decriminalization

To be accepted by churches


And most of all their families

So make sure that you are sure about who you are

And what you want to be

Because feminism is a journey

It can be lonely


I am a sex work feminist and it’s MY work

Get that in your mind

We are here now, and we aint going nowhere

Just start seeing right now

We only want to be accepted

So stop discriminating against me for what satisfies ME


Who am I?

 I am a rose

Don’t hide me

Don’t make like you don’t see me

I am tired of being sold on the black market

I also want to be admired, like all the others in the garden

Gold gets traded on Wall Street

Even though I don’t deserve to be there, like you say

But God said I am made in his image

Stop depriving me of  my riches


Roses are red

Work is blue

And they are feminists too


I am a feminist.

Sex Work Feminist.


This is an entry for the FEMFLASH 2013 writing competition from Mookychick Online. Enter now.

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